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We do things a little differently here than you may be used to, so here is a quick tutorial of how our Blu-ray scorecards work.

Most review sites use a 1-5 star scoring system when reviewing Blu-ray releases. Due to the amount of detail contained in a review scorecard, we had to re-think the way to display our review ratings. Gone is the standardized “star” rating structure, replaced with a simple + or -.

So how do these + and - relate to the old-school star ratings? In our world, a + would be the equivalent to a 4 or 5 rating while a - would equate to a 1, 2 or 3 rating. So if a disc gets a + rating in one of the categories, you know it is top quality.

These +’s and -’s are then weighted (35% film, 25% audio, 25% video, 15% extras) to create an overall verdict of the disc, back in the common five-star rating system... it is quite a science.

Here are the terms used in our Blu-ray scorecard so you can get a better understanding of what each of our ratings mean...


  • plot (story, flow)
  • acting (dialogue/believability)
  • sound (score/soundtrack/sound mixing)
  • visuals (special effects/costumes/set design/vibrancy/cinematography)
  • entertainment value (replay value, watchability)


  • fidelity (degree of accuracy with which sound is recorded or reproduced)
  • dynamic range (difference between the max level of distortion-free signal and the minimum limit)
  • dialogue (clarity and placement of voice activity)
  • bass (LFE) (low in pitch; of the lowest pitch or range)
  • soundstage (surround activity, sound movement through the different channels)


  • transfer (lack of digital artifacts/noise/edge enhancements/compression artifacts)
  • image depth (dimension, 3D feel)
  • sharpness (lack of film grain, clarity of image, image detail)
  • color levels (color accuracy, vibrancy)
  • contrast (accurate deep black levels, range of brightness between the darkest/lightest elements)


We have taken a very simplified approach to the this section by informing which extras add value to a release and which are not worth your time. We have listed the most commonly valuable extras found on Blu-ray releases - featurettes, commentaries, deleted scenes (including outtakes and alternate endings), documentaries & digital extras (digital copy, bonus view, bd-live) - and if the extra is worth watching you will see a +, if the disc does not contain the extra or it is not worth watching you will see a -.

We are really changing the game here, so this new review format may take some getting used to... but I am sure you will come to realize that this new game is the way it should be played.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | August 5, 2019
  plot acting sound visuals entertainment value
  fidelity dynamic range dialogue bass soundstage
  transfer image depth sharpness color levels contrast
  featurettes commentaries deleted scenes documentaries digital extras
The bonus features are really well thought out and quite entertaining. Great presentation in the feature (which is no surprise from WB)
genre Adventure | Family
synopsis In a world where people collect pocket-size monsters (Pokémon) to do battle, a boy comes across an intelligent monster who seeks to be a detective.
lead actors Ryan Reynolds | Justice Smith | Kathryn Newton | Bill Nighy | Ken Watanabe | Chris Geere | Suki Waterhouse | Josette Simon | Alejandro De Mesa | Rita Ora | Karan Soni | Max Fincham | Simone Ashley | Edward Davis | Diplo | Omar Chaparro | Ben Fox | Kadiff Kirwan | Rob Delaney | Priyanga Burford | Ikue Otani | Bern Collaço | Fiona Hardingham | Jordan Long | Zoë Scott | Bernardo Santos | Ruth Horrocks | Jag Patel | Abbie Murphy | Paul Lawrence Kitson | Sofia Abbasi | Gurnita Kaur Kahlon | Daniel Eghan | Crystal Wingx | Belal Sabir | James Galvin | Charlie Rhea Esquér | Rebecca Lawson-Turner | Deborah Rock | Nick Owenford | Géraldine Lamarre | Kevin Matadeen | Savannah Pages | Ian Morine | Georgie Carter | Alex Klaus | A.k. Steppa | Jackson Kai | Benjamin Coakley | Joellee Evans | Daniel Rennis | Iulia Filipovscaia | Rishi Gupta | Preeti Malhotra | Matthew Cox | Wong Charlie | Susanne Schraps | Henrique Rizzo | Tommy Gorman | Riley Fusilero | Jonathan Dodson | Lana Ish-Muhametova | Nina Kumar | Armani La Wong | Emily Ng | Baltazar Oliva | Nicole Reece | Clem So | Winson Ting | Rina Hoshino | Kotaro Watanabe | Ryoma Takeuchi
director Rob Letterman