21 & Over | reviewed by: Jeremy Frost | June 16, 2013
entertainment value
Is @21AndOver a mix of @TheHangover and #OldSchool? Nope... it fell flat with no real #lol moments. Although #JeffChang did rock the house.
genre Comedy
synopsis Brilliant student Jeff Chang has the most important interview of his life tomorrow. But today is still his birthday, what starts off as a casual celebration with friends evolves into a night of debauchery that risks to derail his life plan.
lead actors Justin Chon | Skylar Astin | Sarah Wright | Miles Teller | Jonathan Keltz | Fran├žois Chau | Samantha Futerman | Daniel Booko | Danielle Hartnett | Basil Harris | Josie Loren
director Scott Moore | Jon Lucas