La Cage Aux Folles | reviewed by: Lee Weber | September 2, 2013
entertainment value
#La Cage Aux Follies had me rolling w/ laughter a bit more than I expected. #Criterion never steers me w/ with its selections.
genre Comedy
synopsis After son Laurent (Rémi Laurent) turns up and announces his impending nuptials, transvestite-nightclub owner Renato (Ugo Tognazzi) and his drag-queen star attraction, Albin (Michel Serrault), agree to keep their gay lifestyle under wraps for the benefit of the bride-to-be's ultraconservative parents. When the prospective in-laws come to dinner, Renato and Albin masquerade as a straight, married couple -- with farcical results.
lead actors Michel Serrault | Ugo Tognazzi | Claire Maurier | Rémi Laurent | Carmen Scarpitta | Benny Luke | Luisa Maneri | Michel Galabru | Venantino Venantini
director Edouard Molinaro