From Here to Eternity | reviewed by: Joe Whip | September 30, 2013
entertainment value
Winner of the Oscar 4 Best Film in 1953, this is still a great film that holds up well even if the famous love scene is tame for today.
genre Drama | War
synopsis The setting is an army base in Hawaii in 1941. Montgomery Clift, in a superb performance, plays a bugler who refuses to fight for the company boxing team; he has reasons for giving up the sport. His refusal results in harsh treatment from the company commander, whose bored wife (Deborah Kerr) is having an affair with the tough-but-fair sergeant (Burt Lancaster). You remember--the scene with the two of them embracing on the beach, as the surf crashes in. The supporting players are as good as the leads: Frank Sinatra and Donna Reed won Oscars (and Sinatra revitalized his entire career), and Ernest Borgnine entered the gallery of all-time movie villains, as the stockade sergeant who makes Sinatra miserable. Zinnemann's work is efficient but also evocative, capturing the time and place beautifully, the tropical breezes as well as the lazy prewar indulgence. This one is deservedly a classic. --Robert Horton
lead actors Burt Lancaster | Montgomery Clift | Deborah Kerr | Donna Reed | Frank Sinatra | Ernest Borgnine | Philip Ober | Mickey Shaughnessy | Harry Bellaver | Jack Warden | John Dennis | Merle Travis | Tim Ryan
director Fred Zinnemann