Saving General Yang | reviewed by: Lee Weber | January 4, 2014
entertainment value
#WellGoUSA brings us this surprise from director #RonnieYu of #FreddyVsJason fame. Great action, great drama, great scenery. Check it out!
genre Action | Thriller
synopsis When a rival nation sends troops to invade the Song Dynasty, the emperor sends general Yang Ye (Adam Cheng) to defend the nation. However, Yang's place in the court is shaky due to a feud with Pan Renmei caused by the accidental death of his son at the hands of one of Yang's sons. At the battle, Yang is abandoned by Pan's troops, leaving him trapped in the face of an attack by Yeli Yuan (Shao Bing), an enemy general who wants to kill Yang to avenge his father. After learning about their father's predicament, Yang Ye's seven sons set out to rescue their father at any cost.
lead actors Xu Fan | Adam Cheng | Ekin Cheng | Yu Bo | Vic Chou | Li Chen | Wu Chun | Fu Xinbo | Shao Bing | Ady Ang | Leung Kar-Yan | Huang Xiaoming | Ethan Ruan Jing-Tian | Mark Chao | Deng Chao | Raymond Lam Fung
director Ronny Yu