The Blind Side | reviewed by: Jennifer Landry | April 11, 2014
entertainment value
An inspiring film based on a true story. Sandra and time have great chemistry throughout the entire film. Enjoyable!
genre Drama | Sport
synopsis Oversized African American Michael Oher, the teen from across the tracks and a broken home, has nowhere to sleep at age 16. Taken in by an affluent Memphis couple, Leigh Anne and Sean, Michael embarks on a remarkable rise to play for the NFL.
lead actors Sandra Bullock | Quinton Aaron | Kathy Bates | Tim McGraw | Jae Head | Lily Collins | Ray McKinnon | Kim Dickens | Adriane Lenox | Catherine Dyer | Sharon Morris | Andy Stahl | Tom Nowicki | Libby Whittemore | Brian Hollan | Melody Weintraub | IronE Singleton | Omar J. Dorsey | Paul Amadi
director John Lee Hancock