Breaking the Waves | reviewed by: Lee Weber | April 17, 2014
entertainment value
#Criterion brings #BreakingTheWaves a great film I messed in the 90s that was wonderful to see on #bluray. Emotional, heavy & worth a view.
genre Drama | Romance
synopsis Breaking the Waves is Lars von Tier’s intimate story of love, loss, faith, and tragedy. Filmed in the Dogma 95 style; a woman tries to keep a relationship with her husband during hard times. The scenic imagery and excellent performances create a powerful film.
lead actors Emily Watson | Stellan Skarsgård | Katrin Cartlidge | Jean-Marc Barr | Adrian Rawlins | Jonathan Hackett | Sandra Voe | Udo Kier | Mikkel Gaup | Roef Ragas | Robert Robertson | Phil McCall | Desmond Reilly | Sarah Gudgeon | Finlay Welsh | David Gallacher | Ray Jeffries | Owen Kavanagh | Bob Docherty | David Bateson
director Lars von Trier