Commitment | reviewed by: Lee Weber | April 18, 2014
entertainment value
An interesting mix of love story and spy flick, #Commitment is another worth wile entry in the #WellGoUSA catalog.
genre Action | Thriller
synopsis The son of a North Korean spy decides to follow in his father's footsteps to protect his little sister. After his father’s botched espionage mission, North Korean Myung-hoon and his young sister Hye-in are sent to a labor prison camp. In order to save his sister’s life, Myung-hoon volunteers to become a spy and infiltrates the South as a teenage defector. While attending high school in the South, he meets another girl named Hye-in, and rescues her when she comes under attack. South Korean Intelligence soon discover Myung-hoon’s activities and begin tracking him, all the while his own government sends a vicious assassin to eliminate him.
lead actors SeungHyun Choi | YeRi Han | Yoon Je-moon | SeongHa Jo | YooJeong Kim | JuShil Lee | SeonKyeong Kim | HoBin Jeong | MinJae Kim | SungWoong Park
director Hongsoo Park