Need for Speed | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | August 24, 2014
entertainment value
Predictable plot. A series of pissing contests for car fetishists to enjoy. Unless you adore cars it is as boring as pumping gas.
genre Action
synopsis The film revolves around a local street-racer who partners with a rich and arrogant business associate, only to find himself framed by his colleague and sent to prison. After he gets out, he joins a New York-to-Los Angeles race to get revenge. But when the ex-partner learns of the scheme, he puts a massive bounty on the racer's head, forcing him to run a cross-country gauntlet of illegal racers in all manner of supercharged vehicles.
lead actors Aaron Paul | Dominic Cooper | Imogen Poots | Rami Malek | Ramón Rodríguez | Harrison Gilbertson | Dakota Johnson | Michael Keaton | Scott Mescudi | Sir Maejor | Carmela Zumbado | Nick Chinlund | Libby Blanton | Beth Waugh | Michael Rose | Han Soto
director Scott Waugh