The House of Magic | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | October 12, 2014
entertainment value
This film will be visually stimulating for children but adults will not be able to withstand the thin plot and uninspired dialogue.
genre Animation | Family
synopsis Thunder, an abandoned young cat seeking shelter from a storm, stumbles into the strangest house imaginable, owned by an old magician and inhabited by a dazzling array of automatons and gizmos. Not everyone welcomes the new addition to the troupe as Jack Rabbit and Maggie Mouse plot to evict Thunder. The situation gets worse when the magician lands in hospital and his scheming nephew sees his chance to cash in by selling the mansion. Our young hero is determined to earn his place and so he enlists the help of some wacky magician's assistants to protect his magical new home.
lead actors Cinda Adams | Edward Asner | Grant George | Danny Mann
director Ben Stassen