Into the Storm (2014) | reviewed by: Jeremy Frost | December 7, 2014
entertainment value
Think #Twister, lacking some of the spirit, but made with today's visual technology. Story and acting were average, but still a fun watch.
genre Action | Thriller
synopsis The town of Silverton is in one day destroyed by the unprecedented power of a series of tornadoes. The population is at the mercy of the unpredictable and deadly cyclones, while hunters warn that the worst is yet to come. Most people find shelter, but some just go to the tornado for that one, unique shot.
lead actors Richard Armitage | Sarah Wayne Callies | Matt Walsh | Nathan Kress | Alycia Debnam Carey | Jeremy Sumpter | Kyle Davis | Brandon Ruiter | Max Deacon | Arlen Escarpeta | Lee Whittaker | Jon Reep | Scott Lawrence | David Drumm | Jimmy Groce | Linda Gehringer | Keala Wayne Winterhalt | Maryanne Nagel | Frank Zieger | Kron Moore | London Elise Moore | Michael Ellison | Vincent McCurdy-Clark | Stephanie Koenig | Gary England | Don Lemon | Chuck Gaidica | Steve Garagiola | John W. Hardy | Mikayla Bouchard | Gino Borri | Amanda Ryskamp | Taras Los
director Steven Quale