Supernova | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | December 26, 2014
entertainment value
It's like Event Horizon for people who hate movies. The constant camera movement is very nauseating. Cheesy, crappy and insulting to scifi
genre Sci-Fi | Thriller
synopsis Set in the 22nd century, when a battered salvage ship sends out a distress signal, the seasoned crew of the rescue hospital ship Nova-17 responds. What they find is a black hole--that threatens to destroy both ships--and a mysterious survivor whose body quickly mutates into a monstrous and deadly form.
lead actors James Spader | Angela Bassett | Robert Forster | Lou Diamond Phillips | Peter Facinelli | Robin Tunney | Wilson Cruz | Eddy Rice Jr. | Knox White | Kerrigan Mahan | Vanessa Marshall | Kevin Sizemore
director Walter Hill | Jack Sholder | Francis Ford Coppola