In Your Eyes | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | March 5, 2015
entertainment value
An idea that allows for equal parts cheese and brilliance. The acting helps bring the romance to a delightful point. Acceptable melodrama.
genre Fantasy | Romance
synopsis East Coast housewife Rebecca (Zoe Kazan) lives a comfortable, sheltered life, but she always knew there was something special about herself. Charismatic ex-con Dylan (Michael Stahl-David) has paid his debt to society and is ready for a fresh start in New Mexico, including a burgeoning flirtation with local good-time-gal Donna (Nikki Reed). When the two polar opposites realize they are strangely connected, an utterly unique metaphysical romance begins in Brin Hill’s sweet and smart film, which star Zoe Kazan aptly described as “Joss Whedon does Nicholas Sparks.”
lead actors Zoe Kazan | Michael Stahl-David | Nikki Reed | Jennifer Grey | Mark Feuerstein | Steve Howey | David Gallagher
director Brin Hill