The Sure Thing | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | March 17, 2015
entertainment value
A nice alternative to many 80s teen comedies but still relies a lot on the will they-won't they story a bit much. An amusing road movie.
genre Comedy
synopsis Gib, a beer-guzzling slob, and Alison, an uptight Ivy-Leaguer, are an unlikely duo stuck together on a cross-country trip during Christmas break. At first they get on each other's nerves but, as time passes, they find their divergent natures complement each other. Now they need to realize what they've already found before it's too late.
lead actors John Cusack | Daphne Zuniga | Anthony Edwards | Boyd Gaines | Tim Robbins | Lisa Jane Persky | Viveca Lindfors | Nicollette Sheridan | Marcia Christie | Robert Anthony Marcucci | Sarah G. Buxton | Lorrie Lightle | Joshua Cadman | Krystal Richards | John Putch | Steve Pink | Tracy Reiner
director Rob Reiner