Blind Woman's Curse | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | March 30, 2015
entertainment value
A gang story with a supernatural angle. Great for genre fans. Plenty of bright red blood and clashing katanas.
genre Action | Crime | foreign
synopsis Akemi is a dragon tattooed leader of the Tachibana Yakuza clan. In a duel with a rival gang Akemi slashes the eyes of an opponent and a black cat appears, to lap the blood from the gushing wound. The cat along with the eye-victim go on to pursue Akemi’s gang in revenge, leaving a trail of dead Yakuza girls, their dragon tattoos skinned from their bodies.
lead actors Meiko Kaji | Hoki Tokuda | Makoto Satô | Hideo Sunazuka | Shirô Ôtsuji | Tôru Abe | Yoshi Katô | Yôko Takagi | Tatsumi Hijikata | Shirô Yanase | Ryôhei Uchida | Bumon Kahara | Bumon Kahara | Yûzô Harumi
director Teruo Ishii