Requiescant | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | October 15, 2015
entertainment value
A very fine revenge tale, though it should be half as long as it is. Violent, dramatic and with a delightfully showy hero/villain pairing
genre Western
synopsis Requiescant (aka Kill and Pray) is a 1967 spaghetti western directed by Carlo Lizzani. After surviving his family being massacred, a young boy is taken in and raised by a preacher. Years later he comes face to face with the man that killed his family and he is tempted into back into violence. Wild East released a limited edition region 0 NTSC DVD on 1 November 2004, preserving the film's original widescreen aspect ratio. The DVD has the English title Kill and Pray on the box art but title on the print used for the DVD transfer is the original Italian
lead actors Lou Castel | Mark Damon | Pier Paolo Pasolini | Barbara Frey | Rossana Martini | Mirella Maravidi | Franco Citti | Nino Musco | Luisa Baratto | Ninetto Davoli | Vittorio Duse | Massimo Sarchielli
director Carlo Lizzani