The Falling | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | November 30, 2015
entertainment value
An atmosphere reminiscent of other art-house films I couldn't stand. Talented cast but the aimless pace and editing choices hurt it.
genre Drama
synopsis It’s 1969 at an English girls school full of seething hormones and turbulent emotions; Lydia and Abbie are best friends, existing largely in a universe of two. Abbie is the undisputed leader, with natural charisma and magnetism, and Lydia is fixated on her friend, having long been emotionally abandoned by her single mum, an agoraphobe who hasn’t ventured outside for years and who barely acknowledges her daughter’s presence. Lydia’s fragile world starts to unravel when her white magik-obsessed brother and Abbie sleep together, and a tragedy and ensuing mysterious delirium overtake the school.
lead actors Maisie Williams | Maxine Peake | Florence Pugh | Joe Cole | Anna Burnett | Greta Scacchi | Rose Caton | Lauren McCrostie | Monica Dolan | Morfydd Clark | Mathew Baynton
director Carol Morley