Dragon Blade | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | January 7, 2016
entertainment value
Fantastic visuals. The sets and costumes are incredible. The performances are good but hindered by choppy editing and radical tone changes.
genre Action | foreign | History
synopsis Huo An, the commander of the Protection Squad of the Western Regions, was framed by evil forces and becomes enslaved. On the other hand, a Roman general escapes to China after rescuing the Prince. The heroic duo meet in the Western Desert and a thrilling story unfolds.
lead actors John Cusack | Adrien Brody | Jackie Chan | Sharni Vinson | Benny Urquidez | Kevin Lee | Raiden Integra | Tomer Oz | Alfred Hsing | Temur Mamisashvili | Siwon Choi | Max Huang | Paul Philip Clark | Lorie Pester | Joel Adrian | Joel Adrian | Harry Oram | Kyle Shapiro | Jonathan Paulson | Vander McLeod | Philippe Joly | Faith Ugurlu | Danny Salay | Pierre Bourdaud | Jai Day | Murray Clive Walker | Emrah Yilmaz | Danny Cameron | Kyle Cameron | Kyle Andrew MacNeil | Daniel P. Cameron | Miroslav Karel | J.J. Demiannay | Alexander Corne | James Lee Guy | Will Lefebvre | Lin Peng
director Daniel Lee