What Have You Done to Solange? | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | January 27, 2016
entertainment value
Not gory but the kills are very unnerving. The male gaze is supremely perverted and vengeful in this one. A well made #Giallo
genre foreign | Thriller
synopsis After several coeds are murdered at a college, a professor (Fabio Testi) who is involved with a student becomes a suspect, along with several other male and female teachers.
lead actors Fabio Testi | Karin Baal | Joachim Fuchsberger | Cristina Galbó | Camille Keaton | Günther Stoll | Claudia Butenuth | Maria Monti | Pilar Castel | Giovanna Di Bernardo | Rainer Penkert | Alfred Vohrer
director Massimo Dallamano