Death Walks at Midnight | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | May 23, 2016
entertainment value
More humour than your usual Giallo. Some of which is campy. The repetition of similar events adds some tedium to the mystery.
genre Thriller | foreign
synopsis Valentina, a beautiful fashion model, takes an experimental drug as part of a scientific experiment. While influenced by the drug, Valentina has a vision of a young woman being brutally murdered with a viciously spiked glove. It turns out that a woman was killed in exactly the same way not long ago and soon Valentina finds herself stalked by the same killer.
lead actors Pietro Martellanza | Simón Andreu | Nieves Navarro | Carlo Gentili | Ivano Staccioli | Fabrizio Moresco | Claudio Pellegrini | Luciano Rossi
director Luciano Ercoli