Mysterious Island (2005) | reviewed by: Kristina Kawa | July 27, 2011
entertainment value
genre Adventure | Drama | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
synopsis During the Civil War five survivors escape from a prison camp in Richmond, Virginia by hot air balloon and find themselves on an uncharted island in the Pacific. Far from any kind of known civilization, the island is inhabited with carnivorous monsters, bloodthirsty pirates, and mad genius Captain Nemo (Patrick Stewart), who lives on the island for his own secretive ends.
lead actors Kyle MacLachlan | Danielle Calvert | Gabrielle Anwar | Patrick Stewart | Jason Durr | Omar Gooding | Vinnie Jones | Tom Mison | Roy Marsden | Chris Larkin | Dom Hetrakul | Nate Harrison | Geoffrey Giuliano | Banjong Siriwattanawong | Daniel O'Neill | Dean Alexandrou | Ken Streutker | Chad Dylan Markowitz | Tanapol Chuksrida | Nophand Boonyai | Daniel J. Molnas | Tharinee Songkiatthana | Trungta Kositchimongkol | Gregory T. Eismin | Byron Bishop
director Russell Mulcahy