Mécanix | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | August 4, 2016
entertainment value
A nightmarish display of animated art. Heavy echoes of the Brothers Quay. Be warned, more of an experiment than narrative film.
genre Animation | Horror
synopsis This fairytale, with characters as scary as your worst nightmare, is set in an unknown world. Mecanix tells the story of where the last humain beings are forced to be the slaves of the strange creatures that rule this strange world. There is only one thing these beasts fear - the embryo of the universe : the origin of everything. The only hope that the humans have is to free themselves from this mecanic environment before they all die. The embryo that the beasts fear is hidden in the last freeborn man. The scientist helping the beasts must vivisect every human of the planet to stop this embryo from growing, and destroy it forever.
lead actors
director Rémy M. Larochelle