The Initiation | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | November 6, 2016
entertainment value
genre Horror
synopsis Daphne Zuniga stars here as Kelly, a young woman who has been plagued by nightmares of a burning man her entire life. Upon entering college, she pledges a sorority that forces them to perform an initiation night prank. With several of her friends, she breaks into a store and unfortunately discovers that it is impossible to exit from the building after it is entered illegally. Trapped in a new nightmare, Kelly must fight for survival when a madman begins killing her pledge sisters one by one.
lead actors Vera Miles | Daphne Zuniga | Clu Gulager | James Read | Marilyn Kagan | Robert Dowdell | Patti Heider | Frances Peterson | Hunter Tylo | Paula Knowles | Trey Stroud | Peter Malof | Christopher Bradley | Joy Jones | Mary Davis Duncan
director Larry Stewart