Elle | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | March 25, 2017
entertainment value
Logic takes a backseat for us to follow this psychological drama. Your eyebrow will remain raised. In good and curious ways.
genre foreign | Drama
synopsis When Michelle, the CEO of a gaming software company, is attacked in her home by an unknown assailant, she refuses to let it alter her precisely ordered life. She manages crises involving family, all the while becoming engaged in a game of cat and mouse with her stalker.
lead actors Isabelle Huppert | Laurent Lafitte | Anne Consigny | Charles Berling | Virginie Efira | Judith Magre | Christian Berkel | Jonas Bloquet | Alice Isaaz | Vimala Pons | Arthur Mazet | Raphaël Lenglet | Lucas Prisor | Jina Djemba | Stéphane Bak | Anne Loiret | Nicolas Beaucaire | David Léotard | Jean-Noël Martin | Eric Savin | Zohar Wexler | Nicolas Ullmann | Dominique Plaideau | Jean-Yves Freyburger | Hugo Conzelmann | Loïc Legendre | Raphaël Kahn | Florent Peiffer | Olivia Gotanègre | Laurent Orry | Fleur Geffrier | Marie Berto | Caroline Breton | Oury Milshtein | Lahouassa Elise | Jean Douchet | Vincent Launay-Franceschini
director Paul Verhoeven