Madhouse | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | July 1, 2017
entertainment value
The acting and pacing is smeared with nonsense. The gore level will be satisfying for those looking for ironic laughs and chills.
genre foreign | Horror
synopsis Julia (Trish Everly, in her only film role), a young teacher for deaf children living in Savannah, Georgia. Julia has horrid memories of her childhood, which was scarred by her sadistic twin sister Mary (Allison Biggers). At the urging of her uncle, Father James, Julia visits Mary, suffering from a severe skin disease, in a mental institution. The meet does not go well, and Mary vows to make Julia
lead actors Trish Everly | Allison Biggers | Michael MacRae | Dennis Robertson | Morgan Hart | Edith Ivey | Richard Baker | Don Devendorf | Jerry Fujikawa | Doug Dillingham
director Ovidio G. Assonitis