The Bad Kids | reviewed by: Gerry Carey | October 10, 2018
entertainment value
Very engrossing, tough to watch at times, but ultimately a great subject for a doc.
genre Documentary
synopsis On a remote patch of the Mojave Desert, amidst dusty tumbleweeds and rangy Joshua Trees, sits an anomaly: a high school where educators believe empathy, life skills, and the constancy of a caring adult are the differences that will give at-risk students command of their fates. On any given day, principal Vonda Viland calls kids at the crack of dawn to see if they’ll make it to school. And if they need a ride? Well, she’ll pick them up. Vonda knows each student’s challenges and coaches them tirelessly, never fostering false hopes. Her philosophy combines loving compassion with realism, and given her school’s rising graduation rate, it seems to be working.
lead actors Ian Buruma | Cai Guo-Qiang | Wen-You Cai | Wenhao Cai
director Keith Fulton | Louis Pepe