Django | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | January 11, 2019
entertainment value
The biggest body count I have ever witnessed in a Western. It even rivals that of 80s action films! A great spaghetti western
genre Western
synopsis Django is a 1966 Italian spaghetti Western film directed by Sergio Corbucci and starring Franco Nero in the eponymous role. The film earned a reputation as being one of the most violent films ever made up to that point and was subsequently refused a certificate in Britain until 1993, when it was eventually issued an 18 certificate. Subsequent to this the film was downgraded to a 15 certificate in 2004. Although the name is referenced in over thirty
lead actors Franco Nero | José Bódalo | Loredana Nusciak | Ángel Álvarez | Eduardo Fajardo | Gino Pernice | Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia | Luciano Rossi | Lucio De Santis
director Sergio Corbucci