Willie Dynamite | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | January 31, 2019
entertainment value
Not flawless but manages some genuine humour, pathos, action, effective drama and social commentary.
genre Crime | Drama
synopsis Willie Dynamite is a pimp who operates in New York City. Willie was a big success as a pimp, but now, just as fast as he rose to the top, he has hit bottom. A former prostitute who has become a social worker tries to get Willie to clean up his life while it is still possible.
lead actors Roscoe Orman | Diana Sands | Thalmus Rasulala | Joyce Walker | Roger Robinson | George Murdock | Albert Hall | Norma Donaldson | Juanita Brown | Royce Wallace | Judith Brown | Marilyn Coleman | Mary Charlotte Wilcox | Marcia McBroom | Jack Bernardi
director Gilbert Moses