Nemesis 2: Nebula | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | April 11, 2019
entertainment value
A cheap mashing of Terminator and Predator to form a sequel that is barely a sequel. Fans of cheesy 80s sci fi rejoice!
genre Sci-Fi
synopsis It has been 73 years since Alex failed and the Humans lost the Cyborg Wars. Since then, the Humans have been enslaved. Scientists have developed a new DNA strain, which could signal the end of the Cyborgs, and they inject it into a volunteer. When the Cyborgs learn of the woman and the baby they list both for termination.
lead actors Sue Price | Chad Stahelski | Tina Cote | Earl White | Jahi J.J. Zuri | Karen Studer | Shelton Baily | Jon H. Epstein | Sharon Bruneau | Debbie Muggli
director Albert Pyun