Grease | reviewed by: Kristina Kawa | August 4, 2011
entertainment value
genre Comedy | Musical | Romance
synopsis Grease is the successful cult film based on a Musical of the same name starring Olivia Newton and John Travolta as high school sweethearts in this 60’s musical fairytale. Newton and Travolta actually sung the songs that became a part of America’s pop culture.
lead actors John Travolta | Olivia Newton-John | Stockard Channing | Jeff Conaway | Didi Conn | Barry Pearl | Michael Tucci | Kelly Ward | Jamie Donnelly | Dinah Manoff | Eve Arden | Edd Byrnes | Sid Caesar | Dody Goodman | Susan Buckner | Ellen Travolta | Annette Charles | Dennis Stewart
director Randal Kleiser | Jerry Grandey