Come Play with Me | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | March 3, 2021
entertainment value
This enters into essentially unreviewable territory. You should know exactly what you are in for going in.
genre Comedy | foreign
synopsis Two alluring young ladies live with their beautiful widowed aunt on a secluded wooded estate. The women have earned themselves quite a reputation in the surrounding towns and men from all over the region are frequent visitors to the small countryside home, hoping to encounter one, or preferably both, of the seductive nieces. Of course, the aunt has equally strong desires and refuses to be outdone. Soon all three are offering the many courters the chance to Come Play with Me!
lead actors Mary Millington | Alfie Bass | Irene Handl | Ronald Fraser | Tommy Godfrey | Sue Longhurst | Ken Parry | Suzy Mandel | Jerry Lorden | Rita Webb | Queenie Watts | Bob Todd | Talfryn Thomas | Cardew Robinson
director George Harrison Marks