The Mermaid | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | January 22, 2022
entertainment value
Environmentalist fairytale. Has the usual Stephen Chow visual marvels throughout. Very well made.
genre foreign | Fantasy
synopsis A playboy business tycoon, Liu Xuan, purchases the Green Gulf, a wildlife reserve, for a sea reclamation project, and uses sonar technology to get rid of the sea life in the area. Unknown to him, the Green Gulf is the home of merpeople, and the sonar has caused many of them to succumb to illness or die. Xuan's business ventures in the area are threatened when he crosses paths with the mermaid, Shan, who is sent to avenge her people.
lead actors Kong Lian-Shun | Bai Ke | Xu Zhenzhen | Barbie Liu | Linah Matsuoka | Mei'e Zhang | Chiu Chi-Ling | Lu Zhengyu | Lee Sheung-Ching | Kris Wu | Wen Zhang | Tsui Hark | Show Lo | Kitty Zhang | Deng Chao | Lin Yun | Yeung Lun | Pierre Bourdaud | Ivan Kotik | Fan Shu-Zhen | Zheng Ji-Feng | Lam Tze-chung | Wilson Chin | Tenky Tin Kai-Man | Sun Jialing | Li Ye-Qing | Kabby Hui | Zeng Yilian | Zhou Shuai
director Stephen Chow