Django, Prepare a Coffin | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | January 31, 2022
entertainment value
A welcome enough addition to the original Django saga. A fine story, not as well executed as others of its ilk.
genre Action | Western
synopsis A mysterious gunfighter named Django is employed by a local crooked political boss as a hangman to execute innocent locals framed by the boss, who wants their land. What the boss doesn't know is that Django isn't hanging the men at all, just making it look like he is, and using the men he saves from the gallows to build up his own
lead actors Terence Hill | Horst Frank | George Eastman | Barbara Simon | Pinuccio Ardia | Guido Lollobrigida | Gianni Brezza | Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia | Luciano Rossi | Andrea Scotti | Roberto Simmi | Spartaco Conversi | Franco Balducci | Adriana Giuffrè | Lucio De Santis | Angela Minervini | Giovanni Di Benedetto | José Torres | Angelo Boscariol | Omero Capanna | Remo De Angelis | Alberigo Donadeo | Franco Gulà | Paolo Magalotti | Eugene Walter
director Ferdinando Baldi