Final Justice | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | March 16, 2022
entertainment value
It cannot get much clunkier than this. Some lovely shots of Italy are perhaps the high point of this awkward action drama.
genre Action | Crime
synopsis Due to his violent past, Deputy Sheriff Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III (Joe Don Baker) has been transferred to a rural outpost. When two thugs kill the sheriff, Geronimo shoots one of them, and the other vows revenge. Unfortunately for Geronimo, that thug turns out to be a mob boss, and the court orders Geronimo to extradite him back to his home in Sicily. When their plane is hijacked, the adversaries find their roles reversed.
lead actors Joe Don Baker | Rossano Brazzi | Venantino Venantini | Patrizia Pellegrino | Bill McKinney | Helena Abella | Lino Grech | Tony Ellul | Joe Theuma | Bettina Amato-Gauci | Joe Quattromani | Odetta Balzan
director Greydon Clark