Liars Moon | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | March 16, 2022
entertainment value
Competently shot and decently acted. If you compare it to modern romance films, this story is far more interesting!
genre Drama | Romance
synopsis Matt Dillion In East Texas, the summer after high school, Jack falls in love with Ginny, the daughter of the town's banker (Jack's mom's high school sweetheart). Ginny's been at boarding school; she's headed for Vassar. Over her father's strenuous objections, she spends time with Jack. At summer's end, Jack and Ginny elope to Louisiana (where 17-year-olds can marry without their parents' permission), and he gets a job in the oil fields. Her dad hires a menacing private eye to find them, Ginny's pregnant, her town doctor gives her horrible news, and Jack's mom has her own agenda. It seems that Jack and Ginny have grown up under a liar's moon. What will these sweethearts do?
lead actors Matt Dillon | Cindy Fisher | Christopher Connelly | Hoyt Axton | Margaret Blye | Susan Tyrrell | Yvonne De Carlo | Broderick Crawford | Molly McCarthy | Tiffany Strettner | David Underwood | Clint Hughes | Pat Perkins | Jim Greenleaf | Tonja Walker | Ed Holmes | Richard Moll | Annie Belle | Lou Hancock
director David Fisher