Vinyl Nation | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | April 27, 2022
entertainment value
An adorably dedicated love letter to to the fans, the history, the creators, and the science behind this complex audio format.
genre Documentary
synopsis The vinyl record renaissance over the past decade has brought new fans to a classic format and transformed our idea of a record collector: younger, both male and female, multicultural. This same revival has made buying music more expensive, benefited established bands over independent artists and muddled the question of whether vinyl actually sounds better than other formats. Vinyl Nation digs into the crates of the record resurgence in search of truths set in deep wax: Has the return of vinyl made music fandom more inclusive or divided? What does vinyl say about our past here in the present? How has the second life of vinyl changed how we hear music and how we listen to each other?
lead actors KutMasta Kurt | Patrick McCarthy | Marc Weinstein | John Vanderslice | Kelley Stoltz | Laura Ballance
director Christopher Boone | Kevin Smokler