Under Western Stars | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | August 14, 2022
entertainment value
Notable for being the first starring role for Roy Rogers. It delivers a hearth of bullets, chases and yodelled songs
genre Western | Musical
synopsis In his starring debut, Roy gets elected to Congress in order to bring water to the ranchers in his district. In Washington, he learns he needs the backing of a key congressman and gets that man to go west for an inspection trip. When the congressman is initially unimpressed, Roy gets the inspection party stranded without water to show the true conditions.
lead actors Burr Caruth | Dick Elliott | Dora Clement | Jean Fowler | Earl Dwire | Brandon Beach | Stephen Chase | Kenneth Harlan | Tom Chatterton | Guy Usher | Maple City Four | Carol Hughes | Smiley Burnette | Roy Rogers | Slim Whitaker | Jack Rockwell | Frankie Marvin
director Joseph Kane