The Amityville Horror (2005) | reviewed by: Kristina Kawa | August 7, 2011
entertainment value
genre Horror
synopsis Hapless home buyers George and Kathy Lutz discover their dream home is possessed by evil spirits in this terrifying remake of the 1979 horror classic, based on Jay Anson's popular book -- and a reportedly real-life haunting. As it turns out, the Lutzes home has a bloody history (a former occupant killed his entire family there just a year earlier), so it doesn't take long for terror to come knocking.
lead actors Ryan Reynolds | Melissa George | Jesse James | Chloe Moretz | Rachel Nichols | Jimmy Bennett | Philip Baker Hall | Danny McCarthy | Isabel Conner | Brendan Donaldson | David Gee | Rich Komenich | Annabel Armour | Nancy Lollar | José Taitano | Lenore Thomas | Jenny Strubin | Dorian Kingi
director Andrew Douglas