The Blues Brothers | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | August 12, 2011
entertainment value
The guest appearances are nothing short of legends, the comedy is brilliant, and happens to have a greater car chase than any action film.
genre Comedy
synopsis Direct out of jail, Jake Blues and his Brother Elwood are off on a “mission from God” to raise funds for the orphanage in which they grew up. The only thing they can do is do what they do best: play music. So they get their old band together and they're on their way yet not without getting in a bit of trouble here and there.
lead actors Dan Aykroyd | John Belushi | James Brown | Cab Calloway | Ray Charles | Aretha Franklin | Steve Cropper | Donald Dunn | Murphy Dunne | Willie Hall | John Candy | Carrie Fisher | John Lee Hooker | Lou Marini | Matt Murphy | Kathleen Freeman | Tom Erhart | Gerald Walling | Walter Levine | Alonzo Atkins | Chaka Khan | Armand Cerami | Steven Williams | Kristi Oleson | Gary McLarty | Carrie Fisher | Joe Cuttone | Layne Britton | Toni Fleming | Rosie Shuster | Alan Rubin | Paul Reubens | Ben Piazza | Gwen Banta | Lari Taylor | Cindy Fisher | Elizabeth Hoy | Tony M. Conde | Eugene J. Anthony | Dean Hill | Jack Orend | Gene Schuldt | Charles Mountain | Frank Oz | John Landis | Henry Gibson | Stephen Bishop | Gary Houston | Judith Belushi-Pisano | Elmore James | Tom Malone
director John Landis