Paul | reviewed by: Gerry Carey | August 27, 2011
entertainment value
Paul is a charming movie that fans of sci-fi will love and fans of comedies will more than enjoy. Pegg, Frost, and Rogen work well together.
genre Comedy | Sci-Fi
synopsis For the past 60 years, a space-traveling smart-ass named Paul has been locked up in a top-secret military base, advising world leaders about his kind. But when he worries he’s outlived his usefulness and the dissection table is drawing uncomfortably close, Paul escapes on the first RV that passes by his compound in Area 51. Fortunately, it contains the two earthlings who are most likely to rescue and harbor an alien on the run.
lead actors Seth Rogen | Jane Lynch | Kristen Wiig | Jason Bateman | Sigourney Weaver | Simon Pegg | Bill Hader | Blythe Danner | Nick Frost | Jeffrey Tambor | Steven Spielberg | David Koechner | Jennifer Granger
director Greg Mottola