Dog Day Afternoon | reviewed by: Kyle Coleman | August 31, 2011
entertainment value
Lumet brings out the best performance of Pacino's career as a nice guy turned bank robber. Based on reality, this is a can't miss.
genre Crime | Drama | Thriller
synopsis Dog Day Afternoon is a film based on true events and directed by Sidney Lumet. The film stars Al Pacino as a robber who held a bank hostage in Brooklyn, New York.
lead actors Al Pacino | John Cazale | Charles Durning | Chris Sarandon | James Broderick | William Bogert | Penelope Allen | Sully Boyar | Beulah Garrick | Carol Kane | Sandra Kazan | Marcia Jean Kurtz | Amy Levitt | John Marriott | Estelle Omens | Gary Springer | Carmine Foresta | Lance Henriksen
director Sidney Lumet