Pulp Fiction | reviewed by: Kyle Coleman | August 31, 2011
entertainment value
Pulp Fiction is Tarantino's best film, brilliant cross-chronological stories and great acting/writing create very memorable quotes/scenes.
genre Action | Crime | Drama
synopsis Pulp Fiction is a cult film by Director Quentin Tarantino with three interwoven plots with lots of violence, absurdity, and great music. The film is Tarantino’s most famous and the film that cemented his name and style in Hollywood.
lead actors John Travolta | Samuel L. Jackson | Uma Thurman | Bruce Willis | Maria de Medeiros | Ving Rhames | Harvey Keitel | Eric Stoltz | Tim Roth | Amanda Plummer | Peter Greene | Rosanna Arquette | Duane Whitaker | Paul Calderon | Frank Whaley | Steve Buscemi | Christopher Walken | Julia Sweeney | Laura Lovelace | Quentin Tarantino | Alexis Arquette
director Quentin Tarantino