Mystic River | reviewed by: Kyle Coleman | August 31, 2011
entertainment value
Penn, Robbins, Bacon and directed by Eastwood, Mystic River is a beautifully acted and shot film. Dark subject matter, memorable messages.
genre Drama | Thriller
synopsis A thriller about friendship and loyalty, guiltiness and vengeance, and the fateful affect the past has on the present. Sean Penn won an Oscar for his multifaceted performance as a father who lost his daughter.
lead actors Sean Penn | Tim Robbins | Kevin Bacon | Marcia Gay Harden | Kevin Chapman | Tom Guiry | Emmy Rossum | Spencer Treat Clark | Andrew Mackin | Adam Nelson | Robert Wahlberg | Jenny O'Hara | John Doman | Cameron Bowen | Jason Kelly | Connor Paolo | T. Bruce Page | Miles Herter | Cayden Boyd | Tori Davis | Jonathan Togo | Laurence Fishburne | Laura Linney
director Clint Eastwood