The Fox and the Hound 2 | reviewed by: William O'Donnell | September 3, 2011
entertainment value
Stick with the original. Nobody needs fart & burp jokes injected into their tale of everlasting friendship. Mercifully less than 70 minutes.
genre Animation | Family
synopsis Best friends Tod, a fox kit, (Jonah Bobo) and Copper, a hound puppy, (Harrison Fahn) visit a country fair when they see a band of dogs called
lead actors Jeff Bennett | Jonah Bobo | Jim Cummings | Grey DeLisle | Reba McEntire | Vicki Lawrence | Hannah Farr | Harrison Fahn | Jeff Foxworthy | Stephen Root | Patrick Swayze | Russi Taylor | Kath Soucie | Krista Swan | April Winchell | Rob Paulsen
director Jim Kammerud