The Crow | reviewed by: Gerry Carey | September 6, 2011
entertainment value
The Crow doesn't stand the test of time well but has contributed to the gritty feel of many films today. Brandon Lee is exceptionally creepy
genre Action | Fantasy | Thriller
synopsis Exactly one year after young rock guitarist Eric Draven and his fiancée are brutally killed by a ruthless gang of criminals, Draven -- watched over by a hypnotic crow -- returns from the grave to exact revenge.
lead actors Brandon Lee | Rochelle Davis | Ernie Hudson | Michael Wincott | Ling Bai | Sofia Shinas | Anna Levine | David Patrick Kelly | Angel David | Laurence Mason | Michael Massee | Tony Todd | Jon Polito | Bill Raymond | Michael Berryman | Marco Rodríguez
director Alex Proyas