Rain Man | reviewed by: Joe Whip | September 13, 2011
entertainment value
Rain Man is a remarkable film featuring brilliant performances by Hoffman & Cruise. It has met the test of time and is highly recommended.
genre Drama
synopsis The sensible drama about the reunification of two very different brothers and their struggle to stay together. Dustin Hoffman won an Oscar for best actor for his memorable performance as the autistic Raymond.
lead actors Dustin Hoffman | Tom Cruise | Valeria Golino | Gerald R. Molen | Jack Murdock | Michael D. Roberts | Ralph Seymour | Lucinda Jenney | Bonnie Hunt | Kim Robillard | Beth Grant | Dolan Dougherty | Marshall Dougherty | Patrick Dougherty | Peter Dougherty | Andrew Dougherty | Loretta Wendt Jolivette | Donald E. Jones | Bryon P. Caunar | Donna J. Dickson
director Barry Levinson