The Guns of Navarone | reviewed by: Joe Whip | October 3, 2011
entertainment value
The Guns of Navarone is an old fashioned action suspense thriller with a great cast and is often overlooked. Recommended
genre War | Drama | Adventure | Action
synopsis A team of allied saboteurs are assigned an impossible mission: infiltrate an impregnable Nazi-held island and destroy the two enormous long-range field guns that prevent the rescue of 2,000 trapped British soldiers.
lead actors Gregory Peck | David Niven | Anthony Quinn | Stanley Baker | Anthony Quayle | James Darren | Irene Papas | Gia Scala | James Robertson Justice | Richard Harris | Bryan Forbes | Allan Cuthbertson | Michael Trubshawe | Percy Herbert | George Mikell
director J. Lee Thompson | Alexander Mackendrick