A Fistful of Dollars | reviewed by: Kristina Kawa | October 18, 2011
entertainment value
A Clint Eastwood classic that is on par with the original Yojimbo. Not on par with The Good and The Bad, but worth a look for Western fans.
genre Action | foreign | Western
synopsis A Fistful of Dollars is the 1964 Sergio Leone film starring Clint Eastwood and the first Spaghetti Western to take place in the United States. The film was the first in a trilogy that referenced Akira Kurosawa’s ‘Yojimbo’ and became an international success and founded the Spaghetti Western genre.
lead actors Clint Eastwood | Marianne Koch | Wolfgang Lukschy | José Calvo | Gian Maria Volonté | Sieghardt Rupp | Antonio Prieto | Margarita Lozano | Daniel Martín | Bruno Carotenuto | Benito Stefanelli | Mario Brega | Joseph Egger
director Sergio Leone