Halloween | reviewed by: Gerry Carey | October 19, 2011
entertainment value
Halloween creates an atmosphere of terror with its perfect score and camerawork. Every horror movie since has been influenced by this film.
genre Horror | Thriller
synopsis Michael Myers, who just escaped from a mental hospital, goes on a murderous rampage on Halloween night after returning to his hometown of Haddonfield, Ill. Inexplicably, his prize victim seems to be babysitter Laurie. Psychiatrist Dr. Loomis is on a mission to stop Myers in this slasher classic.
lead actors Donald Pleasence | Jamie Lee Curtis | Nancy Kyes | P.J. Soles | Charles Cyphers | Kyle Richards | Brian Andrews | John Michael Graham | Nancy Stephens | Arthur Malet | Mickey Yablans | Brent Le Page | Adam Hollander | Robert Phalen | Tony Moran | Will Sandin | Sandy Johnson | David Kyle
director John Carpenter