Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince | reviewed by: Scott McKay | November 29, 2011
entertainment value
Another solid installment in what has become one of the world's biggest franchises. just as fun for adults as it is fodder for kids.
genre Fantasy
synopsis The sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry kicks off with a bang for young Harry Potter when he inadvertently discovers a mysterious book that sheds light on the sordid life of the evil Lord Voldemort. Preparing for inevitable battle, Harry and Dumbledore turn to professor Horace Slughorn for help in pinpointing the weakness in Voldemort's forces.
lead actors Daniel Radcliffe | Rupert Grint | Emma Watson | Tom Felton | Julie Walters | Jim Broadbent | Elarica Gallacher | Robbie Coltrane | Michael Gambon | Maggie Smith | Alan Rickman | Matthew Lewis
director David Yates